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The hunt continues.

So, I’ve heard back now from all three potential supervisors. This is starting to feel eerily like I’m either conducting job interviews or participating in a twisted episode of the Dating Game.

Me: “So, Dr. H, tell me a little about your lab finances…and did you know that your current postdoc thinks you’re an a-hole?” *audience gasps*


Yeah, so, here’s the rundown so far:

Dr. H has no interest in speaking with me whatsoever until I can show him the money. Thank you, but I’m not INTERESTED in spending hours upon hours trying to GET the money until I know that I’m going to have a lab space waiting for me at the end of it. Oh, and he apparently has all kinds of brilliant research topics, but no shortage of brilliant students. Well, he just might find himself short ONE brilliant student. Ass.

Dr. O has offered to meet with me next week to chat about some of the details in person. The door is open. He is poor.

Dr. B has offered to chat on the phone (he’s out of town) next week to iron out some of the details. The door is open. He is poor. His highly complementary communications with me have done wonders for my ego. He gets bonus points for recognizing how much work I put into preparing for this first step.

Sooooo….looks like I’ve got two pretty strong “maybes” at this point. At least I haven’t scared anyone away.

The resounding chorus from all of them is “I’m poor, I have no money for students, how are you going to fund your research”. I kind of expected this, and don’t see it as a major shortfall. I’m already scoping out and tentatively starting to work on grant/scholarship opportunities. I’ll be able to tailor them to a particular project/place etc. after I figure out where I’m going. I’m not worried.

However, now that things are decidedly in motion, I’m terrified.

2 responses to “The hunt continues.

  1. JML March 12, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    Yay! blog post!Sounds like you’re doing a great job. I love the Dr. “names”. Keep us updated!

  2. Rachel March 12, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    I also love the Dr Names, LOL! I know it’s scary, C, but I totally admire you getting on this! Much luck and definitely keep us updated.

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