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Friday Frivolity

My work/school lives are both on hold right now, which is mainly why I’ve been absent here. Work is on hold because of the fiasco from a few weeks ago, which, although it SEEMED like things were finally getting resolved, now may in fact be getting even MORE ridiculous than before. Sighs. And since there’s a connection between my potential supervisor and this whole stinkin’ process, I’m stuck in limbo land. Oh well.

So I’ll talk about other stuff.

Random Things That Have Recently Amused Me:

1. The man with the beard I saw this morning at the mall: KNITTING as he strolled down the aisle (talk about multi-tasking!)

2. Two huge flocks of migrating snow geese in cornfields near my house

3. Teh Cute that is our new foster-kitten Molly (dumped on our doorstep Sunday, vetted and pronounced knocked up on Tuesday, spayed yesterday, phew). The dogs are completely smitten.

4. The new double-decker buses our city is trying out. I got to ride one this week. I was all like, “wheeeeeeeee!!!!!”. So was every other suited-and-briefcased adult who trotted up the stairs, looked around the upper deck with a big grin and plopped into the seat closest to the front with the best view.

5. Delicious peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookies that K brought me from a wee truckstop bakery during her daily toils.

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