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So I was on my friend Rachel’s blog today and saw that my last blog post was like, two months ago, which is pretty darn pathetic, so I’m here.

I haven’t been neglecting this little blog for any particular reason…I think of this mainly as a space for my career/school stuff musings and quite frankly very little has been happening on that front for quite a while. Case in point:

1. my current job is still mind-numbing and soul-squelching and I hate being here

2. my (hopefully) supervisor-to-be is in a blissful state of sabbatical/summer holidays and pretty much MIA

That said, I DID get an email from Dr. B today, saying he’s alive and well, and I’m not forgotten, and that he’s secured MORE money for OTHER stuff and he may have an alternate cool project for me to work on. Which is yay and yay. We now have plans to meet late summer/early fall to chat about these new developments and tour the lab. Yay. The little bit of creeping dread/fear/anxiety I was starting to feel (i.e. the “he’s not going to have any money and this is going to fall through and I’m going to be in my brain-numbing/soul-squelching job 4EVR” kinda anxiety). But I’m ok now.

Things have been busy at home though.

We have a new nephew, Jason. He is as cute as cute can be…behold:

Our newest furry addition (featured below, she is Teh Cute for sure, she says “RAWR”) is official a family member and not just a foster.

We are T-minus 2 weeks from having backhoes and other large yellow machines on our property as Teh Great and Mighty Renos get underway. We are discovering that it’s really, really, REALLY easy to get very excited about things like glass (squeeeeee!) tile and vanities when planning a new bathroom and that these very exciting things are also very expensive. (But still, squeeeeee!)

On a significantly less squee-ish note, it seems that my little extended family here has been dealt a nasty blow…K’s dad seems to have a peach-sized lump in his lung. We’re not sure exactly what we’re dealing with yet, but tests are being conducted and frankly it’s not looking too promising. We’re pretty much in management mode right now, and learning how best to coordinate all the driving to Dr’s appointments and the like with only 4 people (me, K, K’s sister, and K’s bro-in-law), 3 of whom work full time and out of town, the other of whom is currently on mat leave with a 4 week old and a toddler. We’re holding our breaths and hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

I’m also wrapping my head around the idea of needing to postpone my school start date, if K decides to take compassionate care leave from work…we’ll do what we need to do, though, to get through this as a family.

3 responses to “RAWR.

  1. Rachel July 13, 2009 at 2:41 PM

    YAYness. It's about time for an update, lady! Jason is absolutely adorable! When you start schooling are you planning to quit your job? How far away will you be traveling then?

  2. Who, me? July 13, 2009 at 3:07 PM

    I'll be schooling full-time (hopefully doing some teaching part-time and may pick up other odd jobs, tutoring/editing etc.) The job will be gonzo, yay!

    I'll be traveling about 120km one way, but won't have to go in every day, I'll be able to do some work at home. There will probably be some "away" travel as well to the North.

  3. Rachel July 14, 2009 at 4:04 PM

    Sounds like FUN!

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