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You know you live in the country when

My sister called me last night. I had been outside and my wife handed me the phone as I came in the door.

Sister: “So where were you?”

Me: “Oh, just out in the backyard spray painting our TV antenna tower.”

Sister: *blink* (yes, I heard it). “Oh.”

Yes, I was spray painting our TV antenna tower.

For those of you who live where things like cable TV and high speed internet exist, this is a very long, very asthetically displeasing, very metal contraption that gets attached to the side of your house. Then someone climbs up and attaches various satellites and rabbit-ears etc. so that you can connect with the rest of humankind and know about all the important things that are going on, like Canada’s Next Top Model and Benny Lava and the municipal elections in Gatineau.

Our tower is currently lying on the ground, covered in rust. It needs to go back up because we are finally, after five years of being out of touch with humanity, getting internet. It’s line-of-sight, so up the tower must go in order to prevent the signal from being interrupted by things like trees and church steeples (there are many of both in the boonies).

Being the vain queers we are, we decided the thing needed a fresh coat of paint before reinstalling it. So I was out in the dark with a few cans of spray-on rust paint, beautifying our tower.

I have to admit, though, that I had a banjo playing in my head the entire time.

One response to “You know you live in the country when

  1. R October 30, 2009 at 3:13 PM

    LMAO! We have one on our house also but we don't use it. It's not needed and I'm not sure why it's there. We haven't bothered to take it down though.

    Yay for re-connecting with humanity!!

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