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I can haz letter now plz?

According to my calculations

today should be the day that I get the letter. *

After I get home from a long, painful thrilling day of drafting a Best Practices Handbook (ZOMG lookit the pretty Org Charts! excuse me while I throw up in my mouth), and it’s pitch black because I was held up at the office to accomodate some last-minute meeting request (again) and there was construction on the bridge (again) which prolonged my commute by a sublimely aggravating additional half hour, and there’s still dinner to be cooked and dogs to be fed, and dangitall I forgot to pick up bread for tomorrow’s lunch on the way home, all of which amounts to me being tired and cranky and feeling sorry for myself……

after all that my lovely wife will greet me at the door and say, “Here’s the mail you’ve been waiting for!” And we will open the letter together and then toast my success and then exhale because the bulk of my funding/ scholarships will be secured.

* O.k., so I admittedly have no actual evidence to support this theory, but dammit I better get that freaking letter soon before I lose my freaking mind.

One response to “I can haz letter now plz?

  1. R November 4, 2009 at 2:28 PM

    Crossing fingers and toes that is comes today! Oh, don't forget the bread on your way home for lunches tomorrow.

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