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Lunch Hour and Loonies

There was no damn letter in the mail last night.  Trying to stay “meh” about it…it should come eventually…but I need the damn letter so I can start applying for other funding opportunities, many of which have deadlines of, oh, NEXT WEEK.  Whatever.

It snowed today, like, really truly snowed.  I wanted to walk in it, so I escaped my desk at lunch.  Grey, damp, chilly, forgot my mitts and returned with numb, red hands (glee).

Sometimes I forget how lovely it is downtown.  When you see something every day for years you often lose your appreciation for it.  Guilty as charged.  I know nothing about architechture, but I do love the stone, sweeping archways and oxidized copper rooftops.  There are all kinds of wonderful, carved, fairy-tale-esque details hiding in unexpected nooks:

I love the fact that you can walk right up onto Parliament Hill and no one bats an eye.  
There are two guarantees in life: death and taxes.  Oh, and also that there will be a protest downtown at any given moment.  Today it was the museum workers:

Oh yeah.  And THIS lovely display, right in front of the Eternal Flame:

Good thing he brought all his supporters so he could REALLY make a statement *insert eye roll here*.  What a loon.

I usually am the type of person who will calmly and rationally try to educate people about this sort of thing, but someone like this?  Impossible.  It’s a waste of energy and oxygen.   Just once though, JUST ONCE, I’d like to hear an argument for why my marriage is so gosh-darn offensive which DOESN’T involve the word “god”, “bible”, or any some variation thereof.   Blarg.

Speaking of loonies.  There’s a rather poignant sculpture outside St. Andrew’s church on Wellington, of a homeless person.  His bowed head and hunched shoulders are covered by a blanket.
His right hand is outstretched: a silent, universally-understood request. The sculptor had incorporated an actual one-dollar coin into the piece. Sadly:

I hope that, at least, it was someone who really needed it.

3 responses to “Lunch Hour and Loonies

  1. feralgeographer November 6, 2009 at 12:20 AM

    okay, i DON'T UNDERSTAND that gay marriage sign… like, are they trying to return to the older meaning of the word "gay", as in "happy"? cuz really, IT'S A LITTLE LATE FOR THAT ONE. idiots.

  2. Who, me? November 6, 2009 at 9:17 AM

    Yeah, I think that's it (gay=happy). Duh. Gad, if you're going to protest, at least make an effort. The other day the same guy was out there with the ol' classic "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve." Niiiiice.

  3. Anonymous November 6, 2009 at 6:40 PM

    That sign guy has been there as long as I have been working in Ottawa. Approx 18yrs. LW

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