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More woodpile buggy goodness.

We finished hauling the rest of our wood yesterday.  We are wood-hauling beasts (12 cords, BOO-yah!)  More six+-legged goodness discovered:

From top (my best guesses): Asian lady beetle* cluster (Coleoptera: Harmonia axyridis); Harvestman, aka Daddy Longlegs (Arachnida: Opiliones); more Flat Bark Beetles (Coleoptera: Sylvanidae) (at least 2 species here); beetle larva (Coleoptera: I’m thinking Tenebrionidae?); Crab Spider? (Arachnida: Thomisidae)

The little grey spider at the bottom is a cutie.  I found several others of the same species, and all of them had their legs tucked in close to their abdomens at first, reminding me of a cat trying to keep its feet warm.  Once exposed to sunlight and warmth, they would stretch out a bit then lazily poke around their logs.

I was really hoping to find a specimen of Cucujus clavipes to photograph (I’d spotted two earlier this fall when we first started the wood-hauling…alas, none were to be found.   Maybe next year…

*exotic, and pesty.  They bites us.  We hates them.

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