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Dear readers, today The Geek has a word for you to contemplate:

don·gle (dôngl, dng-) n.

A hardware device that serves as copy protection for certain software by rendering the software inoperable when the device is not plugged into a printer port.

I’m sorry, I have tears I’m laughing so hard.  Dongle.  Dong.  Gle. DONgle.  My wife was playing with dongles today*. It’s a  –sniff-…  a…a…”hardware device”….BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Is there a maturity requirement for being a PhD candidate?  ‘Cause if there is, I’m totally screwed.  Here my poor wife is trying to tell me about her day, and all I’m doing is snorting.  “Hardware”, hee.

* my wife is an IT specialist, so it’s ok

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