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One week pre-departure = sleep deprivation

My new experiment-ey-type-stuff kicks ass.  It’s making the neighbours slow down to stare as they drive by, as it is unusual-looking and has been set up in a place of prominence on the front lawn.


Also noteworthy:

The overwhelming sentiment gained from figuring out new fancy-schmancy high-tech data-logging equipment that was basically handed to me in a Ziploc (!) with no instructions or software: satisfaction.  With a touch of annoyance.  And more than just a hint of I-really-should-have-gone-to-bed-hours-ago. 

A trial run on the lawn tomorrow to make sure my ass-kicking design works, and when it does(!)…I shall scamper off to the hardware store to buy a ton of supplies so I can make the remaining replicates; the rest of the afternoon will essentially be “arts and crafts”, only with power tools, pvc and galvanized steel wire.  Whee!

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