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Pleasantly distracted

I ADORE autumn.   Just love it right to bits and back.  I am completely distracted by, and enjoying, this beautiful, beautiful time of year.

This has always been my favourite season.  Even back when Iwas angrily ranting working for The Man, September always felt like the start of a new year.  I’d get a little giddy.  I’d watch students pile into their yellow buses with a tinge of nostalgia.  Peruse aisles of colourful back-to-school supplies with envy.  Try to come up with a reasonable justification for buying a new backpack instead of a briefcase.  Yes, I’m one of those horrifically geeky types that just really really likes school, and I missed it terribly when I was away.  This is my first back-to-school season since reclaiming my student status, and I. just. LOVE it.   The classes, the papers, the deadlines, the thinking, the reading, the teaching and yes, even the OMG COMMITTEE MEETING PROPOSAL SEMINAR COMPS AUGH!!!!  I love it all.

Then, as if that weren’t all groovy enough, it is a fracking GORGEOUS autumn this year.  I’m sure I say this every October, but I swear, this year it’s just too much.  The trees are aflame; the sun glows softly in blue skies; the temperatures are warm enough to keep some wildflowers in bloom and some bugs busy.   If I could give autumn a big, passionate kiss, I would.  That’s how much I love it this year.

Today was yet another spectacular day.  The dogs and I headed out in the woods for an adventure and some photo-taking.   The sun was warm, the ground was yellow and crispy and the air smelled like the colour brown.   Gorgeous.  The small mugsly one got lost (only for 20 minutes or so, and she got brownie points for NOT coming back with a snout full of porcupine quills like last time), the three-legged one wallowed in every puddle she could find (causing me to question the rationale behind the bath I gave her a few days ago) and the yellow one repeatedly ran back to me to tell me about all the terribly naughty things the other two were up to.    Me…I saw a surprisingly good number of bugs, so thoroughly enjoyed myself anyways.

Bee still busy harvesting pollen

Crab spider

Caligrapha sp. THE Chrysomelid stunner in my area (in my humble opinion)

Brown lacewing

Sweat bee

2 responses to “Pleasantly distracted

  1. Ruth Fitzpatrick October 14, 2010 at 9:39 PM

    Beautiful bug shots! I love it…

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