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My first departmental graduate seminar is this Thursday.  This Proposal Seminar is the first major component of my PhD requirements, so not insignificant.  

I am Powerpoint Queen Of The Universe.  I can bullet-point and custom-animate (tactful, meaningful animations, mind), and format the hell out of an oral presentation.  I can stand in front of an audience of hundreds and confidently deliver a great talk, supported by great slides.  But I have been working on this thing for a few weeks now, and it’s still kicking my butt all day long.   Crippling performance anxiety brought on by the thought of all the too-brilliant professors who will be posing super-nasty-hard questions at the end of the presentation has led me to second-guess major chunks of my literature review and research questions, and to go wading back into the quagmire of references I have tucked away over the past year. This Geek is ready to *facedesk*

Maybe I’ll just try to dazzle them with all my pretty pictures from this summer in Kugluktuk. 

       Me: “Are there any questions?”

       Too-Smart-Prof: “Ms. Geek, can you please justify your use of….”

       TSP: “Ooooh!  Pretty beetle!” 

       Me: “I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?”

       TSP: “SHINY!”

If only.

5 responses to “Seminaaaargh

  1. Warren November 22, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    Good plan. If forced to talk, answer all questions with “Myrmecophilidae.” If you say it with confidence, the TSP will accept your answer and doubt himself.

  2. dang November 22, 2010 at 11:24 PM

    Hey, good luck… but I doubt you need luck. Just do what you do, and knock ’em dead. 🙂

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