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(Readers, please take note: I had really excellent intentions here.  I was going to write a thoughtful post about the challenges I’ve been encountering in my lab work and then talk about about how online services and networks have saved my ass in a few cases and swoon over the marvels of the interwebz…but I’m too darned AUGH to do this effectively so I think I’ll just rant a little bit instead).

Ah, spring.

That glorious time of year where rain seems too plentiful, but the sunny days make up for it by being all like “Oh, gosh, wow, sooooo nice and sunny” days, and you feel like having beers and bbq on the porch and doing yard work and going for bike rides and for walks in the woods and taking pictures of bugs and all that great and wonderful stuff.

And then (if you’re a student), you say “aw, nuts”, because what you REALLY HAVE TO DO  is study for exams or finish term papers or MARK term papers and apply for fall conferences and prepare for the field season.  Probably indoors.  In an a room with no windows *sniff*.

And, if you’re me, your freaking comprehensive exam is also exactly 4 weeks away.  AUGH!   And you have to submit your final FINAL version of your proposal in exactly 2 weeks.  AUGH! Oh yeah, and you’re writing a book chapter that’s due to the editor two days after your comps.  AUGH!

But, you know, no biggie.


2 responses to “(AUGH!)

  1. Steve Willson May 5, 2011 at 7:19 AM

    This makes me think back to my carefree University days. Then I moved on to a Government position and things really got crazy. I have no doubts that you’ll complete all of your tasks and the results will be brilliant.

  2. biobabbler May 11, 2011 at 12:38 AM

    eep. how cute. Jeepers, BEST of luck to you, remember to eat good food and sleep and exercise a bit, poor thing! Life’s ROUGH when you’re an ass kicker!

    My office in graduate school I HONESTLY think was previously a storage closet that they decided was PERFECT for a grad-student, it was SO NARROW and, of course, window free, I bought a poster with an expansive view from kivas into the wide, dry desert (I’m from Calif. and grad school was DARK COLD WET Michigan) and put it RIGHT over my computer on the wall. The apparent depth of view helped a TON. Just sayin’ =) Might help. Poor monkey!

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