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In the ‘knife

It’s Day 2 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, known as “the ‘knife”. This city is pretty darn nice.  It’s small, but has a funky big-city feel with some amazing architecture.  A short drive takes you quickly outside of any sense of civilization; there are miles and miles of rolling hills of pinkish granite and stunted, skinny spruce, pine and birch trees, and lake after lake after lake of cold dark water.   It is very beautiful; I could easily fall in love with a place like this.

This year I’m working with some colleagues instead of flying solo; it’s awfully nice to have company.  We arrived in Yellowknife yesterday morning after a quick flight from Edmonton.  We spent most of the day driving around and outside of town in our huge rental truck, which has been dubbed “Big Red”, purchasing last-minute equipment and locating field sites.  We spotted a pair of Bald Eagles and two scruffy-looking Red Fox. We also found an assortment of arthropods (ants, wasps, flies, bees, butterflies, spiders), despite the chilly and dark weather.

Driving Big Red through the rolling rocky roads north of Yellowknife, looking for trap sites

Today the air is crisp but the skies are blue and clear, hinting at a really knockout day for field work.  My team members have been prepping our field gear for our first day of “real” work.  We’ll be setting our traps and starting to collect samples in earnest.  I’ll check in again soon with more pics and tales from the field!

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