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Forgotten Photo Friday: “Dory’s Looper”

Despite the sunny weather we’re enjoying at the start of this long weekend, it’s still cool and windy, meaning the bug-shooting opportunities are  pretty typical of early spring (i.e., lousy).  Add this to the fact that I found myself spending the entire day working on another grant application (it’s the life, isn’t it?) and I have no new picture for today’s photo Friday.

However, I remembered that I hadn’t shared this little shot that I took in the fall. As part of her PhD project, my labmate Dory is working on caterpillars living in forest canopies, and was trying to determine the identity of a whole bunch of tiny little looper (Geometridae) caterpillars. I posed one on a white piece of printer paper on a lab benchtop and took a few shots.

The caterpillar complied by being extra cute:

Dory's Looper (Geometridae)

Dory's Looper (Geometridae)

We submitted this image and others to Bug Guide, but alas, we never got an ID on this little critter.

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