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Photo Friday: a “fashionable urban spider”*

*credit for the title must go to Chris Buddle, who came up with the best possible description of this spider – so good I was unable to come up with anything else on my own.

This lovely lady caught my eye as she cruised over the beige landscape of my house’s siding:

Had she not been so utterly fashionable, what with her cheeky zebra-stripes, I might never have spotted her…

but the pattern was irresistible, and I just had to get some glamour shots before releasing her.

(Zebra Jumping Spider, Salticus scenicus)

One response to “Photo Friday: a “fashionable urban spider”*

  1. justin November 1, 2016 at 2:04 PM

    jumping spiders are a cool group of spiders. They’re fun to photograph too.

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