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National Moth Week is here!

I’ve mentioned this event a few times in the last month or so, and it’s now finally here!

Little White Lichen Moth (Clemensia albata), #8098

National Moth Week is an event intended to highlight the biodiversity and ecological significance of moths, an important group that is often overlooked in favour of flashier or less nocturnal insects.

Hundreds of moth’ers from around the world will be moth-hunting this week (July 23-29), perhaps in their own gardens and at porch lights, or at large black-lighting events. Participants will photograph and record their findings – I can only imagine the giant data set that’s going to be amassed at the end of all this!

I have committed myself to recording my own moth discoveries while I’m away this week, and since I don’t have a computer at my disposal I’ll be sharing my finds next week – a moth a day! In the meantime, here is a collection of some of the moths I found during my last camping trip at the end of June; since I’m returning to the same location this week, I’m very curious to see how the species assemblage has changed in the last month!

You can click to embiggen any of the images below. I’ve ID’d them to the best of my ability (hover the mouse over the image to see what I came up with), but I welcome any corrections or help for those missing names!

I am giving myself the luxury of a blogging break for the remainder of the week, so enjoy this photo gallery in the meantime!

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