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Post-hoc Moth Week: Day 2

Ok, Moth Week Day 2!

You get two more moths from the spruce/pine forest today:

First up is this strikingly patterned False Hemlock Looper, Nepytia canosaria, found resting on a large White Pine tree. Hemlock trees were abundant in the area, along with other conifers that play host to this pretty lep. The yellow and green caterpillar is lovely little thing, too.

False Hemlock Looper (Nepytia canosaria) #6906

Next we have the only micromoth I came across in the woods, a pale and mostly unmarked mohawk-bearing little guy:

Unknown micromoth

I’m really not certain about this one’s identity at all, but based on the hunch-backed appearance and downward-facing fuzzy labial palps, my best guess is that it’s something in Cochylini tribe of the Tortricid family. Anybody else have any ideas? Update: commenter Roger suggests

the curved forewing costa suggests the genus Acleris in tribe Tortricini

Thanks, Roger!

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