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Post-hoc Moth Week: Day 3

NMW post-hoc day three!

These are the last two “pine forest” moths I have for you. The first is the Morbid Owlet, Chytolita morbidalis (I love that name! I suspect it’s due to the pallor of its wing patterns, compared to other closely related Owlets). Like one of the moths featured yesterday, it is also a “Litter Moth”: the caterpillars feed on leaf litter from deciduous trees (there were a couple of oaks and maples!)

Morbid Owlet (Chytolita morbidalis) # 8355

Next, a Geometrid moth that I don’t feel quite comfortable attaching a name to. It looks rather similar to the Pine Measuringworm moth I posted earlier…but not similar enough for me to feel confident. Again, I’d welcome help with an ID!

Unknown Geometrid (looks sort of like a Pine Measuringworm Moth – Pine Measuringworm Moth (Hypagyrtis piniata) #6656

Again, I find myself rather amazed at the diversity of form and pattern  in these “plain beige” moths. I’ve definitely learned that even the duller-colored moths warrant a closer look!

4 responses to “Post-hoc Moth Week: Day 3

  1. Joe August 1, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    I think I can see an owl’s face in the wings of #8355, with the exposed abdomen as the beak. Try looking at it upside down, it works either way.

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