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Post-hoc Moth Week: Day 4

NMW roundup day four!

Since I’ve run out of in situ forest moths, I’m down to the few that I managed to snag on the final eve of NMW. You’ll recall that these were collected at my porch light, stored in my fridge overnight, then removed the following day for a portrait session. They were posed on lilac leaves taken from my yard, and are not representative of their hosts at all (just a nicer backdrop than my patio table).

Here’s the first: the Calico Pyralid, Aglossa costiferalis. I particularly like the pinkish hue to the scales – it’s subtle but quite pretty. This little moth’s hosts are not known.

Calico pyralid (Aglossa costiferalis) #5511

Next, a super fuzzy-wuzzy fellow that I’m sure belongs to the looper group (Noctuidae), but I can’t put my finger on it. Again, I’ll take a little help!

Unknown Looper (Noctuidae)

Dorsal view

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