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Photo Friday: My fave photos from BugShot 2012!

I took about 800 photos over the course of the three-day BugShot workshop. I didn’t have as much success with every subject as I would have liked, but I did come away with some definite keepers. One of my goals was to play with colour a bit; I’ve really gotten into using a white background […]

BugShot 2012: Composition

Every evening after our final session we would gather in the meeting room and share some photographs for a friendly critique. While it can be unnerving to put your work on display, it can also be an incredibly useful practice. It’s easy to be overly critical of your own work, and having a bunch of […]

BugShot 2012: Working with insects

The participants at BugShot were a varied bunch, with different levels of experience in both photography and entomology. Alex Wild expressed several times that, in some ways, the entomologists had a slight advantage because of their existing knowledge of the subjects. Insects are a notoriously squirrely lot, prone to moving, jumping, flying and hiding. Many […]

BugShot 2012: Light

Alex Wild of Myrmecos fame is a wizard with light. Whether in a studio white box or in the field with natural light, he knows how to manipulate light to compliment the intrinsic loveliness of his subjects. Here’s what he had to say about light: Ambient light is variable in quality and colour; while it […]

BugShot 2012: Magnification

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the BugShot instructors’ Top Five Tips for insect macrophotography! Over the next few days I’ll be writing more detailed posts on some of the subjects that I found most interesting; I hope you’ll find some tidbits of information that are helpful for your own photographic adventures. Thomas […]