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Dark and light

In the dark understory of a deep hardwood forest, this large, langourous millipede lazily wound its way over the very rotten stump that was its home; here it attempts to cross a bridge to nowhere.   Several companions strolled nearby, presumably in search of food. 

A ray of sunshine broke through the dense overhead cover of bare branches and warmed a patch of soft, bright green moss.  A group of diurnal fireflies basked in the glow.

Small Green Things

I returned home with three EXTRAORDINARILY DIRTY dogs.  

We are most definitely in the thick of spring thaw.   The ground is hard and crunchy in the shady nooks and sopping wet and muddy in the sunnier ones.  We’ve swung from +16 to -16C in the past week.  The “frozen” patches over bodies of water are deceptively thin…as the small mugsly dog found out (Me: “Um, small dog?  You may wish to reconsider your choice of places to stan…”  SPLASH!  FRANTIC PADDLING IN VERY COLD WATER!  Uproarious laughter of cruel human!)

It was  far too cold for active bugs yesterday; we barely broke the freezing mark.  There is, however, a distinct and lovely new shade of GREEN in my woods.   Moss is growing like gangbusters now that the snow is gone, as are a few teeny-weeny plants. 

In the absence of bugs, today I present Small Things That Are Growing

in the forest:


Looks rather like Bisphorella citrina

New shoots on moss

and in an open field, on bare, exposed rock:

Fern-like this a moss?

Brilliant green moss

Reddish star-shaped moss

And now I shall scan the link of over 200 moss photos that Susannah provided not long ago, and try to figure some of these out.

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