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BugShot 2011

I’m sitting in the airport in Calgary, waiting for the last leg of my southward journey home and enjoying some fine high-speed internet, of which I have been cruelly deprived for weeks.  Our collection efforts in Kug were great, and I’ll be posting about the trip soon, but I have NEWS that I simply must share.

As many of you know, there is an upcoming gathering of bug macrophotography epicness: BugShot 2011.  This event promises to be full of awesome and I have been holding my breath for weeks waiting to find out if a student fee waiver would enable me to go.


I am TOTALLY GOING.  (Now I just have to figure out how to get there :-P).


My portfolio submission for the waiver is right here on Flickr. Thanks a million to all the people who took the time to look at, and offer their opinions on, my “short” list of candidates!

Little help?


BugShot, a set on Flickr.

Having submitted my thesis proposal to my examination committee on Monday morning (eep!) and the book chapter I’ve been working on Monday evening (aak!), I decided that some battery recharging was in order yesterday. I took my poor, bored, bored dogs for a nice long walk in the very wet and muddy woods, and breathed fresh air and oggled at all the lush greenery and stroked dew-covered moss and sniffed the pungent fragrence of stink bugs and listened to the birdsong (I learned that rose-breasted grosbeaks sound remarkably like robins and wondered how many I’ve neglected to notice). There is truly nothing better for reinvigorating a tired brain and stimulating desk-dulled senses. Ahhhhh, much better.

After that lovely jaunt, I was inspired to get off my butt and get working on my submission for the BugShot workshop taking place this September; I’m applying for a student waiver. I’ve put together a “short” (heh) list of 32 possible entries in a Flickr set, which I have numbered for your convenience. Yep, I’m recruiting all you lovely buggy and nature-ey and photography-ey people: I’d love to hear your thoughts on which ones you like best, to help narrow down the list to a top 10. (Click on any of the images up there to go to the flickr set, it’s easier to scroll through them quickly there).

All right, procrastination over…T-minus 12 days to comps!!!

Ha! (It’s funny ’cause it’s true.)

What an entomologist is good for (according to Cleverbot)


Yesterday my TGIQ inbox revealed quite a nice surprise: a request from a professor in the Zoology Department at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Apparently this professor is working on a new field guide and had been searching the interwebz for pictures of a particular beetle.  A beetle that is considered an invasive alien pest in his country, but is native to my country.  A beetle who a certain geek just happened to subject to a few hasty snapshots last April. 

He liked the pictures.  He wanted them for his field guide.

Let me think about that a sec….um, HECK YES!!! 

He has already authoured “Field Guide to the Insects of South Africa”.  My photo(s) will be going in his latest book, which focuses on alien and introduced species. 

Here’s the Photo In Question:

Pissodes nemorensis

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