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Forgotten Photo Friday: differential grasshopper

On a hazy, warm, sunny morning in late summer, a  grasshopper feeds on the bud of a yellow composite flower .

Differential grasshoppper, Melanoplus differentialis

Differential grasshoppper, Melanoplus differentialis

This photograph was taken at the Shaw Nature Reserve in Missouri, while at BugShot 2011. On that note, I want to thank everybody who has supported my fundraising efforts to attend BugShot 2012. Thanks to your generous donations and your enthusiasm for consuming hot beverages out of geeky mugs, I am 60% of the way to my goal!  I can’t even begin to express my gratitude….

This image (note the yellow) makes me yearn for warmer weather. Oddly enough, the forecast here is calling for temperatures in the high teens and mid-twenties (degrees Celsius!) for the next few days – totally unheard of for mid-March! I’m feeling optimistic about getting some new photos this weekend!

Forgotten Photo Friday: Hackberry Emperor Butterfly, Asterocampa celtis (Nymphalidae)

At the base of a large tree just outside the main cabin in which we had most of our BugShot2011 workshops, a slime flux was oozing. This flux was attracting all manner of six-legged beasties, including ants, yellowjacket wasps, clearwing moths and butterflies.

At times, the tree trunk seemed alive with the subtle, lazy flapping of resting butterfly wings. I fell a little bit in love with the Hackberry Emperor butterflies (on account of their cuteness, you see) and spent several hours stalking them to get just the right shot. This was the winner for me:

Hello, butterfly! (Hackberry Emperor Butterflies, Asterocampa celtis (Nymphalidae))

O hai, butterfly! (Hackberry Emperor Butterfly, Asterocampa celtis (Nymphalidae))

That face! Those eyes! The little forelegs all cutely tucked up against the body!

They look pretty nice from the side, too 😉

Hackberry Emperor Butterfly, Asterocampa celtis

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