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A Very Nice Day

That’s just what it was.  Blue skies, comfortably warm, a nice breeze, and the paper birch leaves have popped, providing a lovely pale green backdrop to the day.  No bug pics today, just me and my canine crew enjoying our favourite walkabout passtimes:

The small mugsly dog found a deer bone (OMNOMNOM).

The three-legged one found a mud puddle.  And another. And another.  Aaaaaaand another.  (This is the same dog who screams bloody murder when I give her a bath).

All done!

The yellow one and I enjoy the same activity: Poking Around And Checking Stuff Out And Possibly Getting Dirty.

(That’s her.)

(This is me.  The OTHER yellow one.  Ha.)

Yep, a Very Nice Day, indeed.  Bugs tomorrow (promise).

Remind me why I love my dogs (7)

Wood-boring beetle

I piled the dogs in the car and drove down to a small “road” that branches off my own.  It is technically a “road” (it has a sign, a name, and can even be found on a map), but it’s never seen a plow and is not much more than a 4-wheeler trail running through the bush and later a corn field.  In other words: a great place to walk (not so great to drive, although I did for about a kilometer or so in my sedan, until I was convinced that the next icy/slushy rut was going to = one Geek and three dogs stuck in a ditch).  We piled out, the dogs tore off and immediately found an ancient deer carcass (roll, snack, shake, GLEE)…I sighed and went looking for bugs.  

I found some fresh-looking larval galleries.  I then noticed a small oval-shaped area that was distinct from any gallery and seemed packed with fresh “sawdust”.  I took my knife a poked some of the dust out…then carefully cut off a bit of wood…I excavated a bit more…and a bit more…until this little face was looking back at me: 


This is another new critter for me.  The head capsule has a very distinct, dark “V” shape in the middle, and the pronotum (the segment directly behind the head) is semi-circular and much wider than the head at the top, where it tapers into lightly pointed tips.  The margin closest to the head is thickened and a little bit “rolled up”-looking, which you can see better from the front.  

Head and pronotum

Pretty cute, don’t you think?



The dogs came with me on walkabout yesterday.  I was hoping that the ever-so-slightly warmer  and very sunny weather might rouse something (a spider? Anything? Anyone? Bueller?) out of its hidey-hole.  I released my faithful companions, and commanded: “DOGS: FIND BUGS.”

And off they flew into the woods.

The three-legged one found rabbit poop.

The small mugsly one found two deer legs (one with fur, one without…the former she guarded ferociously from the others…SNAP, GROWL, TEETH).

 The yellow one found…well, I’m really not sure WHAT the heck it was, but it was gross.  Probably poop.

And playing the role of "coyote" for this performance - The Yellow One

All of the above were consumed with great relish.  Blech.

I didn’t have any luck finding bugs either.  And I took entirely too many pictures of lichens (which I have a big crush on right now).

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good:  my first teaching lab went as well as I could have hoped, I learned from it, and the next one will be even better.

The bad:  the three-legged one underwent yet another surgery today…two actually: a lumpectomy (thankfully benign) and an episioplasty (YouTube it if you’re not squeamish)

The ugly: a post-operative dog who just had an episioplasty.  Not a pretty sight, and not for those squeamish about blood.  I am sleeping on the floor next to the dog tonight to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself.  Thank god for multiple pain meds with no contraindications.    I am very, very happy I don’t have to be on campus until next Wednesday. Yeek.

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