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Remind me why I love my dogs (6)

Bird Feeder Fun

My friend Rachel provided us with a wonderful post on her celebration of the Winter Solstice.   Part of the festivities included making homemade critter-feeders, which she hung in the forest.  I’ve been jazzing on the idea ever since, and decided to have a go at it today.  Verdict: fun, simple, and defintely something I’ll do again.

Ingredients: apples, critter seed, peanut butter, string, instrument-with-which-to-poke-holes

Start by cutting nice thick slices of apple.  Use your hole-poking-instrument (mine was a chopstick) to poke holes through the slices.  Thread a length of string through the holes (I wound mine through twice).

Smear a healthy layer of peanut butter on one side.  

 Tell the dogs (repeatedly) that the PB is for the BIRDS not the DOGS. 

Concede to the tiniest lick of PB off a finger for each horribly neglected pooch.  

Grab a handful of seed and press it firmly into the PB.  I used parrot food I found at the grocery store…I liked it because it had a big variety of seeds and even some fruit.   

(LOL @ this “guarantee”. I really don’t think the parrot would mind…and frankly I’m not satisfied with the anti-insect sentiment.)

Repeat the PB smearing and seed pressing on the other side.    Tie a few apple pieces together in a chain if you’re feeling sassy.

Marvel at the simple beautimoniousness of your new critter-feeders.

Hang in a tree and wait for the buffet to begin. 

Make a mental note that a day when it’s -30°C is perhaps not the wisest choice for bare-handed hanging of beautimonious feeders.

Laugh at your dogs who agree that  -30°C is indeed craptacular as they walk around like this:

Go inside, make a cup of hot green tea, and search YouTube for videos of REAL dogs.  Who KICK SNOW’S ASS.  Like this guy:

Merry Belated Christmas from the Ones with Fur

WARNING: Cute dogs submitted to lame first-ever attempt at Photoshop!!!**  Viewer discretion advised!!! 

The yellow one, the mugsly one and the three-legged one hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

**Hey, YOU try getting three dogs to sit within inches of each other, all wearing hats, in front of the tree.  At the same time.  Yeah, good luck with that.

Remind me why I love my dogs (5)

Why is it that, on the morning that I reaaaally feel like lounging around lazily in my jammies ’till noon, the small mugsly one decides to run across the hayfield over to the neighbour’s farm?  And I had to pull on rubber boots and throw a sweater over my jammies and clomp over to the farm, only to discover that the small mugsly dog had rolled in poop?  And had enjoyed more than a few mouthfulls of it too? 

I’m not even sure what KIND of poop it was, but it was most certainly poop.  And the whole situation most definitely warrented a bath, STAT.  

Dogs are gross.

Remind me why I love my dogs (4)

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