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Weekend Funniness

I LOL’d until I died:

(Make sure your volume is turned up for this one, and watch all the way to the end – you’ll be sorry if you don’t):

(What the poor bugger doesn’t know is that some jerkface of a scientist has tethered his paramour…)

And in case that’s not funny enough, and you didn’t see it on Bug Girl’s Blog yet…well go to her blog and watch this mantid.

Weekend Funniness

Dead Dipteran…Art

Current job title:  Doggy Nurse.   Job description: administer antibiotics, probiotics, anti-inflamatories, pain-killers; use of peanut butter is non-optional.  Apply hot compresses.  Design clever “pens” to keep patient quiet and immobile using household objects.   Pick errant fur out of wounds.   Bring patient out several times a day for toiletting.  Remove frisbee from patient’s mouth; ignore sad, sad face.  Fret.   Lather, rinse, repeat. 

I am spending waaaaaaaay too much time looking at the three-legged one’s rear.  

Since I need to keep a close eye on her I’m spending most of the day downstairs and on the computer.   It is not productive computer time, because I’ve got one eye on the dog , and have to stop what I’m doing every 10 minutes to say “don’t lick” or “don’t rub your butt on the floor, stupid”.  So I’m surfing, chatting, and blogging. 

I came across this site, Muhr Photography, and the artist’s collection of what can only be described as Dead Dipteran Art:

My somewhat overtired brain isn’t sure if this stuff is actually funny.  Is this funny?  Help me out here.

Peer review

I’m pretty sure I should be feeling bad about laughing at something involving Hitler.  There’s something decidedly un-PC about it.

Oh, what the hell.


Oh my WORD…whoever came up with that one was a genius.

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