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Photo Friday: Terrifically uncooperative jumping spider

Ever since falling madly in love with the gorgeous big jumping spiders in Florida, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a native Phidippus to photograph.

Yesterday, during a lab that took our students to the outdoor horticultural center on our campus, a student collected a lovely immature male jumping spider from a row of peppers, popped it in his sandwich bag, and brought it to the instructor.

I was like, YOINK.

Ever since, I have been taking breaks from my work about every hour, trying desperately to get a decent shot of this incredibly bold and active little guy, who had no interest whatsoever in being cooperative.

I finally got one that works for me:

Phidippus sp.

Handsome little devil, no?


Oh, what the heck, here’s one more:

Phidippus sp. 2

(This lovely specimen was collected by Joseph Perreault).


I have to apologize for the lack of posting lately. I am feeling rather guilty about it, but, as my advisor (who, ironically, is blogging/tweeting like a boss right now) says, “you’re doing a PhD”. Yeah, I am, and sometimes the work has to come first.  😦

Photo Friday: a “fashionable urban spider”*

*credit for the title must go to Chris Buddle, who came up with the best possible description of this spider – so good I was unable to come up with anything else on my own.

This lovely lady caught my eye as she cruised over the beige landscape of my house’s siding:

Had she not been so utterly fashionable, what with her cheeky zebra-stripes, I might never have spotted her…

but the pattern was irresistible, and I just had to get some glamour shots before releasing her.

(Zebra Jumping Spider, Salticus scenicus)

Even arachnophobes can take spider pictures

So there.*

Jumping Spider (Salticidae)

I swear it’s looking straight at me with great deliberateness.  But it is cute.  So it can continue looking.


(*Although this type of spider is clearly on the list of those that are Not Gross and Creepy, so maybe it doesn’t count.)

Weekend Funniness

I LOL’d until I died:

(Make sure your volume is turned up for this one, and watch all the way to the end – you’ll be sorry if you don’t):

(What the poor bugger doesn’t know is that some jerkface of a scientist has tethered his paramour…)

And in case that’s not funny enough, and you didn’t see it on Bug Girl’s Blog yet…well go to her blog and watch this mantid.

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