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Ant Classification System – REVISED

Hm.  I shall have to revise the TGIQ Ant Classification System™.

These are neither black NOR red NOR winged.  They are decidedly Orange. But they are Little.  And Non-stingy.  And very much perturbed by the audacity of my rock-lifting activities.  The larger workers seemed to be in charge of moving the curled white larvae to safer below-ground chambers.

I’m going throw myself to the wolves (ant guys, be nice!) and guess that these Little-Orange-Non-stingy ants might perhaps possibly be Lasius sp. …a Citronella Ant?   I did not notice whether they had a smell; I was too busy holding my breath so as to avoid camera shake.    These workers have clubbed antennae, a very distinct yellow-orange colour, very tiny compound eyes and no ocelli – they’re virtually blind –  a nod to their subterranean habits.

So?  What do y’all think?

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