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It’s pretty as long as it’s not biting me

I have to admit: this Deer Fly (more commonly known as a Get The @#$% Away From Me You @#$% Fly) was pretty.  It was feeding on the nectar of these tiny Spirea blossoms (I’m pretty sure I could spend all day hanging around this one bush and find a gazillion different species).  With its patterned wings, face dusted in yellow pollen, and rainbow-hued compound eyes, it was a pleasure to watch.

Chrysops sp. (Tabanidae)

Equally lovely, this little face peeking out from between the blooms was incredibly well camouflaged:

Misumenops celer - Celer crab spider (Thomisidae)

I only noticed it after it shifted a little when my finger (which was poking a mosquito carcass) got too close for comfort.  During my various ew-yucky-spider rants, I fear I neglected to include Crab Spiders on my (short) list of Spiders That Are Not Gross and Creepy.  I think it’s their calm, patient demeanor and beautiful cryptic coloration that I admire and appreciate.

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