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Yesterday my TGIQ inbox revealed quite a nice surprise: a request from a professor in the Zoology Department at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Apparently this professor is working on a new field guide and had been searching the interwebz for pictures of a particular beetle.  A beetle that is considered an invasive alien pest in his country, but is native to my country.  A beetle who a certain geek just happened to subject to a few hasty snapshots last April. 

He liked the pictures.  He wanted them for his field guide.

Let me think about that a sec….um, HECK YES!!! 

He has already authoured “Field Guide to the Insects of South Africa”.  My photo(s) will be going in his latest book, which focuses on alien and introduced species. 

Here’s the Photo In Question:

Pissodes nemorensis


25°C!  Sunshine!  Warm breezes!  Shorts!  Flip-flops!  Back porch with deck chairs and cold beer! Baths for dogs with the garden hose!  Sunburn!  BUGS (moths, beetles, flies, wasps, hoppers, oh my)!!!!!  All in my own backyard!    Holy uncharacteristically warm first weekend of April, Batman!   I am going camera-ing at the Bird Sanctuary tomorrow.  All day.  WOOT!!!

And now, in the interest of a reprieve from overuse of exclamation marks, I present a lovely Pine Weevil, Pissodes nemorensis (Curculionidae), which I have never encountered before:

Why are snout beetles are so gosh-darned cute? I think it's because they look like Muppets.

Check out the cool row of white scale spots on the thorax

A really pretty beetle - even if it IS pesty to pines

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