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Wherein I swoon over a pretty parasitoid (and my awesome wife)

I must say this: being married to a woman who will rip apart rotting logs with her bare hands in order to help you find bugs whilst on a walk in the woods….well, frankly, it rocks. 

This is what she found in one: 

An Ichneumonid wasp

 It’s a very pretty Ichneumonid wasp.  It was nestled in a small cavity near the centre of the log; perhaps it crawled up in there in the fall to overwinter.  The bright yellow bars on the long antennae are a good clue to the family, but I haven’t the foggiest what species it is.  I’ve submitted the photos to BugGuide for help with the ID.   These wasps are very cool in a Ripley-meets-drooling-aliens kind of way…they lay their eggs in the body of a host (a caterpillar or spider, say); their offspring, once hatched, eat the host from the inside out.  Gory, yes.  Also very cool. 

When my beloved asked me if I wanted to keep it to pin later, and I declined, she declared it was too nice to leave behind and that she would keep it for herself.  For her own collection.  



How did I get so lucky?

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