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Photo Friday: not a bug, but eats them

There’s nothing wrong with mixing things up a little every now and then 🙂

I nearly trod on this lovely little Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) while bug-hunting in the woods. Although I hear their chorus every spring, I’ve only come across one of these beautifully camouflaged frogs a handful of times, and I was very happy to have my camera with me for this encounter.

Also, I wanted to remind you that as of this weekend, I’m in the field and away for the rest of the month. I have posts lined up during that time, but I probably won’t be able to get to most of your comments and questions until August!

This is ridiculous

Thirty. Five. Fracking. Degrees.

This is insane.   It is just not meant to be thirty-five fracking degrees on April 3 in eastern Ontario.  It just isn’t.

Everyone is confused.   I’ve seen two garter snakes this weekend.  I had to swerve on a dirt road to avoid smucking a hopping toad.  I…I…well,  just LISTEN to this:

Does that sound like April 3 to you?  Nosirreebob, it does NOT.

I fear that, if we get another cold snap (which almost certainly will happen) all the temperature-sensitive critters are going to suffer greatly. 

Peepers, go back to bed!!!!

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