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Friday Fungi

I’m increasingly amazed by the diversity of fungi I find on my walks, and sometimes even more so by their choice of habitats.  These tiny delicate gems, for example, were cozily nestled with dozens of others beneath the bark of a dead tree, in a gap that couldn’t have been wider than 5 milimeters or so.   The longest of these is only about 3mm long; their “heads” must have been butting right up against the bark.

Itsy-bitsy fungi

Not 20 meters away, on the other end of the growth charts and in a different environment altogether, I found these gorgeous Polypores:

Large Polypore fungi

Bathing in the soft glow of mid-morning light, the colourful caps on these mushrooms were rugged and dense and longer than my hand.

Underside of Polypores

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