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25°C!  Sunshine!  Warm breezes!  Shorts!  Flip-flops!  Back porch with deck chairs and cold beer! Baths for dogs with the garden hose!  Sunburn!  BUGS (moths, beetles, flies, wasps, hoppers, oh my)!!!!!  All in my own backyard!    Holy uncharacteristically warm first weekend of April, Batman!   I am going camera-ing at the Bird Sanctuary tomorrow.  All day.  WOOT!!!

And now, in the interest of a reprieve from overuse of exclamation marks, I present a lovely Pine Weevil, Pissodes nemorensis (Curculionidae), which I have never encountered before:

Why are snout beetles are so gosh-darned cute? I think it's because they look like Muppets.

Check out the cool row of white scale spots on the thorax

A really pretty beetle - even if it IS pesty to pines

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